This is Frankie, a big bundle of love who loves to give out lots of kisses.

Frankie is an American Pitbull Terrier. She was adopted from Midwest American Dog Rescue, and she has been with her forever home for 6 years.

In her spare time, she likes to go on a W-A-L-K, get belly rubs, and chew chew chew chew chew.


How Did Frankie Inspire Us to Build Our Box?

When we build a box, we think about what solution we can provide. Here is what we learned about Frankie and the challenges she is facing: 

  • Frankie is a big time chewer with a strong jaw. She loves to play with toys, but her play session has always been cut short by the fluff exploding sudden death of her cute looking toys.
  • As the temperature continues to rise, and squirrels continue to grow restless, Frankie suffers from heat rashes from being outside.
  • Frankie suffers from irritated stomach. Her digestive issues cause her to puke and have occasional diarrhea.

How Did PetPack Put a Big Smile on Her Face?

              We tried every brand of beef and bison bone we could find for her and all of them either splinter or break under her powerful jaw. This 1/2 Bison Bone is the only thing that will hold its shape after hours of chew, and being a 1/2 bone, Frankie had a fantastic time licking the bone marrow inside. YUM!

  • A Skin Soother for the Squirrel Chaser: Hot Spot Soothing Spray made by Warren London

             This spray has menthol and eucalyptus ingredients to sooth any existing hot rashes and prevents any itching from allergy. Frankie is ever so fierce now at keeping those squirrel on the trees. This is a Free Bonus when you subscribe!

  • A Yummy and Healthy Treat: Pumpkin, Banana, Yogurt treat made by Holistic Select

             This treat is selected due to its probiotic power to promote digestive health. While the probiotic does its magic, pumpkin adds a second layer of benefit as a natural source of fiber for dogs, and banana provides necessary minerals to keep muscles healthy. Frankie never thought she would like the taste of pumpkin, but now she begs for it! These treats come in a sample size so you can do a taste test with your dog too.

And more! Check out our home page for all that’s packed in our PetPack.

Frankie had a big smile on when she received her PetPack, and she could hardly be still for her picture session. Actually, we had to take all the content out of the box so she could focus on being pretty and strike a winning pose. Would you like to give your dog a monthly pack of carefully selected products?