About PetPack

PetPack is all about family! For so many of us, pets are a vital part of our family. There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day to be joyfully greeted by our four legged friends. We love their personalities, antics, loyalty and even their quirks. Here at PetPack, our family is working diligently to provide your family with the best, fun, safest, tastiest, most helpful and just down right awesome products that will engage and enhance your four legged family members’ lives.


We believe all pets should be happy and healthy. That’s why we donate a percentage of our proceeds to shelters, rescues, and pet organizations. We support various:

Military Pet Organizations

Local Shelters and Rescues

Breed Specific Rescues

Spay and Neuter Programs


Therapy Pet Programs

Search And Rescue Programs